PPC Agency Birmingham

PPC leads bring approximately 50% more conversions than clicks coming from organic results

(Marketing Expertus)

Why use PPC?

Ideally you don’t want to have to pay for brand awareness, website traffic, leads and sales. Unfortunately even the most successful brands creating the most amazing content, will always have a place in the Digital Strategy for paid campaigns.

Why? Because all the popular channels such as Google and Facebook are money making organisations. They make it harder and harder for you to generate the desired results organically.

PPC can generate instant results, allow you to test website pages and campaigns within days. If you have promotions, launches, one-off events etc. where you have to maximise your returns in a short space of time, this can rarely be done organically.

Why do you need a PPC agency?

The beauty of an agency is that all we do is Digital, we are surrounded by other sin the same field and some that have been in the game for decades.

We have experience not only across decades but across countless campaigns such as B2B, B2C, star ups, established brands, eCommerce, Social etc.

We know what has worked in the past and are up to date with the very latest developments in each of the ad platforms, from Google shopping to Facebook retargeting.

The greatest advantage of using a PPC agency of course, is that you can sack us with 30 days notice, you only pay for the hours we work and you don’t have to train us up.

How can we help you?

We can help with whatever your goals are and it’s important to start the conversation with exactly that. We always work towards a clear measurable goal, typically with PPC, this would be a Cost Per Acquisition and Total Revenue generated.

However some campaigns could be all about launching a brand and increasing the awareness and engagement, amongst the target audience.

Digital advertising has become incredibly targeted and vast in its variety. PPC has a solution, whether you would like to target a certain type of person, retarget to those landing on certain pages of your site or get in front of those searching for a variety of search terms.

Typically we would put together a Strategy created using a number of tactics as the buying process is not usually so simple.