Welcome to L’Amour

They say to do what you love and love what you do. The founder of L’Amour Cafe, Aayesha, has done just that.

A number cruncher by profession, but a social butterfly by nature, she adores indulging in the art of scintillating conversation, coupled with luscious food in charming surroundings.

For a long time, Aayesha has felt there has been something missing. She couldn’t quite figure it out, until recently. It was of course, L’Amour Cafe.

Her desire to curate a local, idyllic, social space that promises both style and substance, inspired the inception of L’Amour.

L’Amour, created with love ❤️

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sweet delight

Think light, fresh and full of flavour.

It’s luxury desserts, lavish brunches, freshly ground coffee and breakfast all day every day.

It’s food and drink that’s almost too pretty to taste.

So, have your camera at the ready because there’s only so long you’ll be able to resist.

What can you expect at L’amour Cafe?

Inspired by instagrammable dishes and decor, L’Amour’s founder Aayeesha is passionate about giving every diner the opportunity to make their own picturesque plates. Adorn your desserts with all the toppings of your choice to create mouthwatering content that’s grid-worthy.

Each dish and drink has been meticulously curated to give you the dining experience (and Insta content) you deserve. There’s no trying to find the right angle, right lighting or needing to do 10 takes of one image, it’s camera-ready, so you can savour every bite even after you leave.

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Phone: 0123 4567 890
120 Vyse Street, Birmingham B18 6NE